Super Checkerboard Discus


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Fire Ruby Leopard Discus


Red Jaguar Discus


Yellow Marlboro Discus

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Super Angel Blue Diamond Discus

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Yellow Pigeon Discus

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How we import and select the fish:

When we import fish our goal is to select high quality discus fish. We work with the best fish farms in Malaysia and Asia. We are looking for paramteres below when we pick fish from breeder's stock:
  • Round body shape
  • Fully colored or mostly colored for smaller sizes
  • Rare or great patterns
  • Bright and shining colors

  • Fish health:

    Like any other tropical fish, discus fish is very sensetive. During shipment temperature and PH could rapidly change. It could affect and weak the fish. That's why after we receive the fish we:
  • properly adpat fish to our PH and temperature.
  • medicate and carefully quarantime them for 10+ days
  • Whan we place discus fish for sale, fish is healthy, active and eating very well. Our mission is to provide high quality and also healthy discus fish.

    When fish is ready what is next?

    When fish is ready for sale we are adding it into our stock/availability. You select the strain and size then you would see how many fish are in stock. Usually we keep our stock up and at least few fish should be available for sale.

    How to select a fish from what we have for sale ?

    After you added fish to the cart and completed your order we will send you available picks.
    So you could pick a fish you like. Then we will quarantine fish and ship it to you.

    How we ship the fish ?

  • We could ship fish to your doors. Shipping to your place would take about 14-18 hours, depends how fast UPS would delivery it.
  • Shipping to the nearest airport is much faster and could take about 7-10 hours. We will ship fish in the morning from San Jose Airport and you will pick it same day from nearest Airport. Airpot address and details will be provided. Shipping to nearest airport is much faster, less stress to fish and you could pick at any time work for you between fish arrived to your airport (usually afternoon) and before Cargo is closed (usually 8-9pm).
  • If you are living close by, you could select to pick the fish locally. In this case you would reserve/buy fish you like online and pick it up from the store.

  • How to adapt the fish ?

    When new fish arrived to your house, you need to properly adapt it to your PH and temperature. We reccomend to open the plastic bag and slowly start adding water from your tank into it. You could start adding 12-16oz every 10-15 minutes. After you filled the rest of the bag with your water you could wait for another 10 minutes and move fish to quarantine or directly to your tank. We don't reccomend to dump water from bag into your tank, please separate fish and water and move fish alone. Depends how long was a shipment, fish will adapt in 8-12 hours.

    How to reduce stress for newly arrived fish ?

    The best way to make adaption faster and less stressfull is to reduce light in tank for first 2-5 days. If you have hiding spots in tank new fish could be hiding after arriving in new environment. It could take 2-4 days and after it should start coming to the front glass.

    When should you start feeding the new fish ?

    If you placed new fish with your fish together you could just continue feeding all fish and new fish would start eating in 1-2 days. If you placed new fish in quarantine tank you could wait 1 day before start feeding it. Usually it would take 2-4 days for fish to reduce stress and start eating.